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Platinum Sponsors

Aimwel is a new kid on the block in the field of Programmatic Advertising for Recruitment. We enable customers to run fully automated programmatic campaigns, which are continuously improved to enhance performance. The results speak for themselves. Starting in 2021 our platform currently processes 500,000 recruitment campaigns daily. We offer an unique SaaS-solution which gives our customers - mostly job boards - the following: 

1. An easy to use ‘one-stop-shop’ for online channel management 
Aggregator advertising, retargeting, display ads and social media channels can easily be added and managed.  

2. With campaign creation for every job
Which includes bidding, optimising and steering performance on individual job, category or client level across multiple media channels simultaneously.

3. Efficient conversion with Passive Jobseekers through Social media: 
Next to aggregators our proprietary Social media solution reaches and delivers Passive jobseekers with clear performance targets.

Talent.com is one of the world’s fastest-growing next-generation job search platforms helping businesses find candidates no matter their budget, number of job openings, or technological capabilities.

As one of the largest sources of employment in the world, the platform aims to centralize all jobs on the internet and improve the job search experience with personalized search results and an easy apply process.

Based in Montreal, Canada, with EMEA headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, and offices around the world, our dedicated team adapts to the job posting requirements of our clients and helps them grow.

Available in 77 countries and working with an extensive network of publishing partners, we adapt our solutions to the needs of small businesses all the way to enterprise clients, so you can find talent, your way.

Gold Sponsors

As industry frontrunner Jobrapido is shaping a new standard in online job searching to revolutionize the way people get jobs. With 100+ million registered users, Jobrapido conducts business in 58 countries, lists 35+ million jobs and records 55 million visits per month. Using pioneering technology and innovative products, Jobrapido connects the dots between great employers and stellar candidates matching the right candidates with the right roles at thousands of companies around the world.

Wonderkind's Talent Attraction Technology automates the creation, distribution and optimisation process of recruitment marketing ads on daily used platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google. Our platform is specifically crafted for Job Board, Recruitment and Staffing companies looking to attract the most suitable candidates on a large scale. We give you the possibility to:

  • Identify the best-suited job profiles to attract most relevant talent faster and more easily through our advanced profile matching algorithm
  • Get access to a large pool of candidates, both active and passive, and reach the unreachable
  • Automate your manual processes through API, XML, and templating

Join us in our mission to inspire millions of candidates to do the job they love and become a frontrunner in shaping the future of Talent Attraction.

WriteSea unlocks new revenue & improves the overall candidate experience for job boards, talent communities, & hiring platforms through whitelabeled career services.

Silver Sponsors

Appcast is the global leader in programmatic recruitment advertising technology and services. With advanced technology, unmatched market data and a team of the industry’s best recruitment marketers, Appcast’s technology and services manage job advertising annually on behalf of more than 1,500 clients. Headquartered in Lebanon, N.H. with offices in Boston, Mass. and New Brunswick, Canada, Appcast is a subsidiary of StepStone, a leading digital recruitment platform that connects companies with the right talent and helps people find the right job. To learn more, visit www.appcast.io and follow on Twitter @appcast_io.

JobCloud HR Tech makes employment happen! Our name says it all. We are the international, innovative recruitment technology provider that uses Joveo's data-driven, self-learning tools to efficiently provide companies with suitable candidates. With CVlizer and JOBolizer we also offer multilingual semantic parsing and extraction solutions that guarantee an advanced, time-saving recruitment process. 

Jobiqo enables media brands and publishers worldwide to build next-generation job boards and career marketplaces to engage talent. By combining the benefits of a scalable SaaS platform and the power of our AI-enabled Smart Matching technology, Jobiqo customers can quickly react to changing market demands and stay competitive in an ever-challenging market. Jobiqo works with leading publishers and media brands (like EMAP (part of Metropolis) or Elsevier (part of RELX Group)), as well as recruitment agencies, professional associations, and university career centers.

Jooble is an international job aggregator millions of people in 69 countries use daily. The company has been operating in the online recruitment market since 2006 and is now ranked one of the TOP-10 websites in the world in terms of traffic in the Jobs And Employment segment, according to SimilarWeb. Every day, Jooble aggregates vacancies with more than 140,000 resources worldwide. Sources include corporate websites, social networks, classifieds, and other resources. The synergy of Jooble`s collaboration as a job aggregator with local marketplaces and using AdTech tools creates added value for jobseekers in all countries where Jooble operates. https://jooble.org

Bronze Sponsors

Aspen Tech Labs is a global leader in recruitment advertising technology and web data management services. We provide technology, tools, web scraping, data, business intelligence, and analytics to support our global customers.

Founded in 2008, classmarkets is one of the leading provider of online classifieds for the German speaking media industry. Our business model consists of Software-as-a-Service for real estate and job classifieds to publishers, and metasearch. With our innovative customizable white label solution, clients get full control of their customer data under their own brand. 

classmarkets continuous platform development adapts perfectly to a fast-changing market. We fully understand our customers needs, with transition from digital to print, and offer the perfect product solution to successfully combine both business divisions. We further support all clients throughout our large network with search engine optimization (SEO), performance marketing, Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and accessorial marketing possibilities.

Do you have trouble finding the right candidate among the cluttered list of candidate PDF CVs? Who is the best fit for the team and the job? It is impossible to be sure just by looking at a list of CVs.

iVCV is a revolutionary assistive tool changing the game in recruiting by supporting data-driven decision-making. Thanks to our cutting-edge ethical AI-based video CV analysis tool, recruiters can easily learn about the candidates' first impressions and soft skills. They save days on candidate screening and improve the chances of finding the best candidate through data-driven decisions.

By using iVCV, our job board clients offer additional value to their clients for a more efficient and accurate hiring process. Imagine the additional value iVCV can bring to job openings requiring soft skills matching like a sales representative, customer support, team lead, etc. Don't just take our word for it, try iVCV for yourself and see the impact on your clients for the video interviewing projects.

Loopa Automate allows for Employment listings (adverts) to be promoted off-network via programmatic and social channels at scale. This system is a revenue generation product (the Advertiser/Recruitment Agent) pays for their listing advertisement to be “boosted” off-network and provides increased page-views and engagement by the targeting of your portal or CRM relevant 1st party audience off-site.

Loopa-Automate is designed to advertise listings beyond your Employment Portal own site using the power of 1st party data, programmatic and social channels. The Ad-technology uses both retargeting and prospecting to display adverts to in-market and relevant 1st party audiences at scale.Loopa Automate launched in 2018 and is in over 11 counties – if you are looking for a mature marketing automation platform that has a proven track record – come and talk to Nick and Matt from Loopa Automate.

The team at Loopa Automate have extensive background in online marketing and digital solutions with extensive knowledge of programmatic advertising and Ad Technology.With over 25 years experience across a range of online disciplines, our operations team are experts and analytically driven when it comes to dynamic creative and performance advert campaigns.

Results Generation Group is a data driven recruitment marketing company generating over 600,000 candidates per day in the US, UK, CA, NL, IT, ZA, AU and IN markets. We partner with consumer facing websites and convert passive job seekers into active job seekers. Through highly targeted email campaigns we deliver these candidates to over 150 different recruitment partners. Our focus is on industries which are still in high demand during the unfortunate Covid-19 pandemic. 

Sercanto is a constantly, growing global search engine which goal is to connect the perfect candidates with the perfect employers, reducing the time they spend looking for a job.

Thanks to a cutting-edge technology, the job search engine has an inventory of ads among
the most important in terms of volumes. This allows to maximize the user experience and
facilitate the search for a job in order to have the: “Perfect job in a few clicks”.

Present in 35 countries, it has a network of sites based on a cutting-edge infrastructure in order
to provide the best possible service to its partners. It guarantees to the companies, looking for
candidates, to have always updated ads on Sercanto with the best visibility.


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