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Major shifts are under way in recruitment marketing and talent acquisition. How can you ensure you’re doing everything to stay ahead? How should you shore things up for the future?  AI has been and will continue to be a game changer, how does your business stack up? Growth for job boards, social impact and awareness, upskilling and reskilling, big data, video applications and so much more is waiting for you in Vienna!

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RecBuzz recruitment conference networking

Engage in Powerful Networking

Networking and conversations are the core of RecBuzz. Sign up now and you can look forward to:


  • Chatting with potential partners, suppliers, investors and old friends! And making new friends.
  • Talking with the world’s leading recruitment marketplace experts and consultants.
  • Meeting top executives from major companies, interesting start-ups and the investment community
  • Discussing valuations, sales, buying and investing in recruitment marketplaces

You Should Attend if You:

  • are a general or niche job board or freelance marketplace
  • operate a job search engine or aggregator
  • intermediate in any way between job seekers and employers
  • are interested in recruitment marketing / advertising
  • focus on recruitment analytics
  • deal in applicant tracking systems
  • offer chatbots / messaging technology, AI / machine learning
  • are a general or niche job board
  • provide interview technology and assessments
  • provide mobile apps for recruitment
  • are interested in recruitment branding
  • work with recruitment listings and distribution
  • are involved in Job “wrapping” or “scraping”
  • offer – or want to learn more about – social media job listings
  • are a trade association recruitment site
  • want to learn about recruitment programmatic advertising
  • work in any way in recruitment marketplaces
  • don’t want to miss out! Your competitors will be there!
RecBuzz recruitment conference attendance

Courtney Ford, Senior Director, Appcast

This was my first RecBuzz and I was blown away by the incredible attendee list, size, and thoughtful content put together for us. This is a key event that will be on my radar for the future to keep current on partnerships within our industry around the globe.

Roman Peltek, COO, Jobsora

As the COO of Jobsora, I had the pleasure of attending several RecBuzz Conferences worldwide. Every year I am incredibly impressed by the entire experience, and I highly recommend this conference to anyone managing a business in the job industry. The conference is exceptionally well-organized, ensuring a smooth and productive experience for all attendees. Moreover, RecBuzz is a direct network opportunity with top decision-makers (C-level and top-management) from leading job boards and programmatic platforms. This is a real chance to forge powerful industry relationships and stay ahead of the curve. Overall, RecBuzz is always an invaluable investment. The conference provides a wealth of knowledge, industry connections, and strategic opportunities, all of which will contribute to Jobsora’s continued success.

Peter Hallmann, The Link Hamburg

Having access to your peer's brain being in expert-mode and having enough time makes it easy to create new ideas and develop new business opportunities.

Dirk Mussenbrock – Managing Director academics GmbH D

It is always worth it to invest time to join RecBuzz. The conference offers highly relevant topics to everyone in HR-Tech. 

Svetoslav Dimov, CEO, DEV.BG

RecBuzz is an opportunity to exchange ideas with top experts and decision makers from the job board industry, as well as get a good understanding of where the industry is going through the well-curated content of the event. Thank you!  

Laura Wilson, CEO, Jobs in Education

I attended RecBuzz in April 2024 and it far exceeded my expectations. As a niche job board owner I wasn't sure if I was too small to benefit from this conference. I was wrong. It was precisely the event I needed to be at. I was able to take my learning and apply it immediately after the event. I will definitely be attending again. This is where job board owners come together.

Mac Prichard, Founder and CEO, Mac’s List

RecBuzz gives you insights and ideas you can use right away to improve your job board whatever the size or location of your business.

Lee Biggins, Founder & CEO, CV-Library Ltd

RecBuzz is an essential event for any serious job boards or suppliers to the online recruitment industry, this year our entire C-Suite attended and as always the event didn’t disappoint and we look forward to Vienna next year

Anastasia Zotova, Head of B2B Products, HeadHunter

RecBuzz is an essential conference to attend for anyone working in the tech recruitment industry. It provides the much-needed insights and discussions on some of the most critical and relevant topics - performance pricing, labor shortages, the impact of AI, etc. 

Steffan Manes, CEO, mobileJob.com

An excellent event with great speakers & expert tables that broadened the conversation on the future of the market at a crossroads

Dirk Mussenbrock, Director of Recruiting and Talent Solutions, academics GmbH

Still one of the best conferences for job boards! 

Klaus Mantel, Managing Director, joblocal GmbH

The high-class combination of content, expertise, and network-building opportunities makes Recbuzz a “must-attend “ event for decision-makers and business drivers in the HR Tech and recruitment industry.

Mikhil Raja, CEO & Co-Founder, SonicJobs

The best recruitment advertising conference in Europe. All the leaders in one place sharing insights and looking to work together. Amazing speakers and topics. Great organization of the event.

Erik Finnerman, Head of Strategy at Blocket (Schibsted)

The Recbuzz 2022 conference was a great use of my time - interesting topics, valuable networking opportunities and a chance to reconnect. I really got the 'Buzz' of recruitment marketplaces!

Gemma Talbot, Partner Manager at Indeed

Great event with really enthusiastic discussions.

Ling Wu, Sales & Business Development at Jobiqo

RecBuzz is a great conference to learn, brainstorm and share ideas with recruitment industry experts as well as to get a great overview of the global market trends.

Dirk Mussenbrock, Director Recruiting & Talent-Solutions – academics GmbH / ZEIT ONLINE GmbH

Excellent Conference for every leader in HR Tech. Great topics and great networking. See you again.

Anastasia Zotova, Head of B2B products, HeadHunter

RecBuzz22 was a great opportunity to investigate the big trends in the recruitment space and to make sure that the challenges that we're facing are also relevant to the industry in general. I appreciated the opportunity to have my questions answered by industry trend setters.

Lana Shumyn, Aspen Tech Labs

It was my first time attending RecBuzz, and it was an unforgettable experience. Very well organized, experienced moderators and speakers, and so many industry experts in one room. Excited to attend next year's event.

Diego Amado, CTO of Jobint

RecBuzz is the best place to be if you are in the job board business. Great speakers, great networking and a lot of fun. What else can you ask?

Svetoslav Dimov, co-founder and CEO of DEV.BG

A great mix of networking, content and fun! RecBuzz gave me the chance to meet the industry in just two days.

Dennis Van Allemeersch, COO of AimWel

RecBuzz is in the top 3 global must-attend conferences for anybody active in the job classifieds industry. It is an awesome networking event with absolutely top quality content. Not to be missed.

Steven Rothberg, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of College Recruiter

RecBuzz Amsterdam 2022 was the second event I attended that was organized by AIM Group...and it won't be the last. Both times, the vibe was phenomenal with an incredible diversity of presenters and attendees from all over the world with all kinds of business models, challenges to solve, and successes to share. Superb. Absolutely superb.

Adrián Viñuales, Partner, Jobartis

THE summit you can't miss for online job board professionals.

Steven Rothberg, Founder, College Recruiter

RecBuzz Barcelona 2019 was a first for me, both in terms of the location and the event organizer. Both were superb. Before the end of the first of the two conference days, I already knew we would be at next year’s event in Amsterdam!!

Fatih Uysal, CEO, Kariyer.net

What I find fascinating about RecBuzz is that it gives you the opportunity to enlarge your network, as well as observe new business challenges that may be yours in the future, and have useful discussions with online recruitment experts.

Mikhil Raja, CEO & Co-Founder, SonicJobs

I would recommend RecBuzz to anyone in the job classifieds or marketplace business. The industry is changing rapidly and any platform that is not learning from others and even partnering with others, will get left behind.

Rob Brouwer, CEO, Jobrapido

Topnotch conference in Barcelona with highly valuable content this year from some of the global players, great insights in the market movements from the organizer and valuable networking opportunities to build strong relationships!

Luis Verdeja, CEO, Jobartis

Eye opening, inspiring and motivating. The RecBuzz conference provides an optimistic outlook of the many possible paths recruitment players may take.

Jackye Clayton, Director of Customer Success, HiringSolved

RecBuzz was a great opportunity to understand what is going on in the world of work. It was a great global audience with a targeted goal, creating positive, efficient and innovative ways to create relevant job boards and candidate experiences.

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